Folkmanis Puppet Peacock

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The full-sized Folkmanis Peacock has won multiple awards. Now with the same fabulous colors highlighting the male bird, the 10-inch SMALL PEACOCK is a wonderful new addition to any toy box. Easy to use by simply placing an open hand in the "feathers" like a glove and wiggling the finger, puppet movement is endless. Amazing detail and unlimited play value make Folkmanis proud to present this Small Peacock.

Special Features: Movable head, tail.
  • Length:6" Long
  • Width:11" Wide
    Height:10" Tall
    Weight:3.36 oz.
Fun Facts: 


  • There are three species of peafowl. The males are called peacock; the females, peahens. The Indian peafowl is the best known.
  • Only peacocks have the long train of colorful feathers.