Goodbye, Perfect by Homaira Kabir

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For fans of Brene Brown and lovers of inspiring self-help titles, Goodbye, Perfect is a must-read leadership and personal development book for women who have fallen into the toxic traps of perfectionism, approval seeking and endless doing.
It speaks to the challenges of millions of competent and conscious women who keep pushing themselves at the expense of their health and relationships, and of successful women whokeep doubting themselves and feeling like an imposter despite everything.
Based on years of academic research, Homaira Kabir upends our understanding of confidence by identifying two types of HIGH confidence and provides a path to flourishing that addresses the needs, challenges, and aspirations of women in the 21st century.
In Goodbye, Perfect, she helps readers uncover their internal stories, unhook from the need for external validation,and connect to the heartbeat of their own why. With vivid, real-life stories from her personal and professional life, she gets to the heart of what it is to be human and offers practical strategies to replace feelings of being invisible, inadequate, or unsupported with compassion, connection, and the courage to go after the longings of our hearts with joy and ease. You'll stop trying so hard and trusting a lot more.

Homaira (pronounced Ho-May-Ra) Kabir is a women's wellbeing and leadership coach. Her postgraduate research on women's flourishing highlights the importance of changing our relationship with ourselves in order to experience joy, success and fulfillment in life.
Her early experience with an eating disorder became the catalyst for her pursuit of inner love. Her work speaks to the longing in many of us to unhook from perfection, pleasing, pushing and proving, andbefriend the mess and beauty of our inner and outer lives.
With a double Master's degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, she blends science and soul to inspire what's possible, while addressing some of the very real challenges of life through practical and evidence-based tools and strategies. Her writing is widely published in Forbes, Happify, ThriveGlobal, the Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily and more. She has been called "inspirational","a beacon of hope", and "a ray of sunshine in dark times".