The Paper Bag Princess - Robert Munsch

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Readers the world-over have fallen in love with this classic story of girl power.  

When the fiercest dragon in the whole world smashes Princess Elizabeth’s castle, burns all her clothes, and captures her fiancé, Prince Ronald, Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. With her wits alone and nothing but a paper bag to wear, the princess challenges the dragon to show his strength in the hopes of saving the prince. But is it worth all that trouble?

Over seven million copies in print!


  • Short-listed, The 150 bestselling Canadian books of the past 10 years - CBC Books 2017
  • Short-listed, Best Canadian Children's Books of All Time - Today's Parent Magazine 2016


“If ever there were a book with the most perfect plot twist, this could be it . . . This princess tale is short and sweet and funny, and empowers young girls to be true to themselves . . . a classic picture book that packs a real punch to the “princess” genre!” 

- The Children’s Book Review, 05/18/18

“Before we even knew what the word ‘feminist’ was, the titular character of Robert Munsch’s The Paper Bag Princess was there to inspire us to become one. Fierce, smart, and bold, Princess Elizabeth . . . [shows] girls everywhere that not all girls are damsels in distress—plenty of them are heroes, too. ” 

- Bustle

“Some of the best children’s books ever written have been about girls .  .  . like The Paper Bag Princess. ”

- The New York Times

[T]his morning I searched my mother’s basement for The Paper Bag Princess, and though my daughters are sixteen months old, that is where I will begin. I will read it to them and I hope over time that they will learn Princess Elizabeth’s lessons: Adventure and be fearless. Stand up to dragons. Defend yourself with all you have. Walk away from any man who treats you with disrespect. You, yourself, alone, are enough, and more than enough.  

- Francesca Segal, The Hairpin

“This is an extremely popular children’s book . . .   that needs a resurgence! It has sold over 7 million copies and gained an endorsement from the National Organization for Women. ” 

- Ms Magazine, 12/16/20

“An entertaining read that champions strong, independent, and intelligent girls. ” 

- The Horn Book, 09/18/20

“We can thank Robert Munsch for his gender-breaking book and celebrate its message. ”

- The Virginian-Pilot, 03/15/20

“A perfect lesson in emancipation and self-confidence. ” 

- The Indian Express, 10/14/18