How do collagen peptides work?

How much collagen should I take daily?

CanPrev’s collagen peptides don’t influence other amino acid profiles existing in the body. The effective amount of collagen peptides range from 2.5g to 15g per day depending on the bioactive collagen peptide. Each connective tissue cell responds to a different peptide size and sequence, and therefore has various effective doses for optimal results.

For instance, CanPrev Beauty Collagen peptides have an average low molecular weight of 2kDa which benefit collagen production specific to skin, hair and nail health.

For joints, bones, ligaments and tendons, the effective dose is 5g with small peptides. For body composition, the effective dose is 15g. These therapeutic doses and low molecular weights are specific to CanPrev’s bioactive collagen peptides and results from in vitro studies.

How do collagen peptides work?

CanPrev’s collagen peptides are hydrolyzed to low molecular weights: the right size and sequence of peptides to target connective tissue cells and enhance collagen building.

Smaller is better

Smaller peptides can be carefully chosen to target more collagen production in specific parts of the body, whether it’s for muscles, joints, bones or in the skin. This ensures nearly 100% of the collagen peptides you take are properly applied to parts of the body – and the goals – you want to focus on.

Different sizes do different things

Size not only matters. Research demonstrates that collagen peptides ranging from 2-5 kilodaltons (kDa), stimulate specific cells of our connective tissue (fibroblasts, chondrocytes, osteoblasts, and tendon cells, or tenocytes) to influence more collagen production within our skin, and muscle, at our joints, bones, tendons and ligaments.

Although normal digestion can break down dietary protein into peptides, the digestion of amino acids is random and does not always cleave the collagen protein into the desired active peptide sequences for optimal results.

It takes some fine sifting and extracting to break down and separate large, dense fibrous collagen protein molecules (macromolecules) into incredibly small nanometer sized peptides that still remain bioactive. But, not all enzymatic processes designed to do this are the same.

Carefully extracted collagen peptides

CanPrev’s unique collagen peptides are obtained from pure collagen protein. We obtain these peptides by finely breaking down whole protein collagen fibers into very small amino acids chains. These short chains are further sifted and isolated into different bioactive peptides.

Finally, we choose the peptide chains that stimulate specific cells of the extracellular matrix family. With our careful enzyme-based extraction process we can achieve this precise sequencing keeping desired bioactivity in mind. This process also allows for amino acid proline ends on peptides to remain intact, which helps with heat and acid stability and tolerability.