To serve our community with products and services to encourage a healthy life style, and joyful living.

Core Values

  1. Kindness, first, to have the courage to look after yourself, your body mind and spirit. To use kindness with co-workers, customers, the community and the planet as a whole. How can we behave as kind as possible with all we encounter, starting with ourselves.
  2. Commitment towards our customers to learn as much as we can to be able to serve them as best we can, treat them with respect and integrity.
  3. Serendipity. To help our customers experience the joy of finding products they didn’t even know they were looking for, to help them accidentally discover something surprising.
  4. Curiosity, to keep the flow of continuous learning, to alway be looking for new and interesting ways to do business and to grow towards an ever healthier place on the planet.