Atlantick Outdoor Spray 60 ml

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The clean refreshing scent of Lemongrass offers a beautiful citrusy aroma that you can spray on you, your dog, your horse.

Our Outdoor Spray is a registered cosmetic product meant to enhance your enjoyment of the time you spend outside with your family & friends, going camping, on picnics, and other outdoor adventures.


It is refreshing, made with safe, skin-nourishing ingredients, high-quality pure essential oils, and smells great.


Our Outdoor Spray is not a registered insect repellent, and we do not support claims to that effect. Through Atlantick’s partnership with Acadia University, we’ve developed an all-natural tick repellent that is over 97.5% effective. We hope to be able to make it available to the public by 2022/23 after we complete registration with Canadian health and pesticide authorities.