Mr. Marshal's Flower Book by Alexander Marshal

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A dazzling rendition of the seventeenth-century horticulturist?s famed watercolors.

Alexander Marshal?s 
Florilegium, or flower book, is one of the most exquisite and fascinating historic works of botanical art. The only surviving compilation of flower watercolors from seventeenth-century England, it has been admired for centuries for its dazzling color and its incredible attention to the intricacies of a varied array of plant species. A highly skilled, although self-taught artist, Alexander Marshal was a horticulturist and famed entomologist who believed the cultivation of plants was essential to the study of the natural world. He created his masterpiece over a period of thirty years, and in the nineteenth century, Florilegium was presented to King George IV to be housed in the Royal Library, where it has been preserved ever since.

Mr. Marshal?s Flower Book is arranged by season and contains 140 stunning illustrations culled from the original work. These plant studies record the new and exotic species of the time with intricate precision?from streaked and spotted tulips to hyacinths, naricissi, lilies, and spectacular crown imperials. Among the most beautiful works of botanical art, the dazzling pieces in this collection will delight garden enthusiasts and art lovers alike.