Now Super Enzymes 180 Capsules

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Keep Your Digestive System Healthy With Super Enzymes by NOW
Supporting healthy digestive functions is imperative for your overall feelings of wellness. NOW Foods understands this, and their super enzyme blend aims to optimize the way your digestive system breaks down fats, carbs, and protein. While these vital enzymes are normally produced naturally by the stomach and the pancreas to help with the breakdown of dietary proteins, taking an enzyme supplement may increase the overall efficiency of the digestive system. NOW Super Enzymes offers an effective blend of digestive enzymes that you can use to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Super Enzymes Include Pancreatin
This blend of super enzymes by NOW includes pancreatic enzymes like amalyse, protease and lipase. These are typically produced by the human body in the pancreas alongside bicarbonate, which is used by the body to neutralize acids in the stomach. All enzymes play specific parts in digestive functions. Amalyse, for example, is secreted by the pancreas (as well as salivary glands) and helps break down carbohydrates. When the body doesn’t produce enough amalyse, it can lead to digestive troubles like bloating and diarrhea.

Super Enzymes and Weight Loss
Another enzyme included in Super Enzymes by NOW is lipase. Also produced by the pancreas, lipase is responsible for breaking down fat in the body. While this can seem appealing to those who are looking to shed a few pounds, it is important to understand how enzymes work. Simply taking enzymes will not help you lose weight. Digestive enzymes can, in fact, reduce bloating, which can cause people to feel like they have gained weight and cause clothing to fit awkwardly. In order see results with weight loss, it is important to include regular exercise in your daily schedule.

When Should You Take Digestive Enzymes?
Taking an enzyme supplement at the right time is very important. In order to reap the benefits of super enzymes by NOW, you want to make sure you follow the directions. Typically, you should take enzymes before you eat a meal. Most enzymes also need to be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain efficacy. If you are unsure of whether or not enzymes are right for your digestive needs, be sure to speak to your primary health care provider to learn about your options.

The Charitable Donations of NOW
NOW has been around for over 50 years and the company has long been dedicated to charitable contributions. The company has made many important donations to areas impacted by various hurricanes and earthquakes. This includes hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. While the company made monetary contributions itself, it also matched employee donations, helping to provide serious relief to the victims of these various natural disasters.