Procrastination: How to do it well

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Many of us are quiet geniuses at the art of procrastination - this practical guide helps you understand procrastination, and manage it for success

We are all familiar with procrastination, and often feel guilt about all that is left to get done. We rarely get around to reflecting on why we put things off. This insightful pocket guide argues that procrastination isn't a weird affliction, it sometimes has things to teach us. 

With mini-essays on Perfectionism, Deadlines, and The Limits of Hard Work, this is a book about understanding the root of our procrastination, managing it, and getting the most out of our afternoons on the couch.

A practical guide that explores the roots of procrastination and offers the reader thoughtful advice on the art of managing it, all written in the soothing, trademark voice of The School of Life.

  • HOW TO USE, AND CONQUER, PROCRASTINATION: An insightful pocket guide that teaches us how to better understand and manage this common affliction. 
  • ADVICE YOU ACTUALLY WANT: Mini-Essays offer advice and guidance on a variety of topics including Perfectionism, Deadlines and The Limits of Hard Work. 
  • SPIRAL-BOUND GIFT FORMAT: With full color illustrations throughout. 
  • PORTABLE: Comes in a nice, compact size.