Richard Wagamese Embers

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Prominent Ojibway author Wagamese (Indian Horse) shares poetic, meditative reflections that have come to him following his morning ritual of entering a new day with prayer and a smudge of sage, sweet grass, tobacco and cedar. His words serve as metaphorical embers for Ojibway wisdom, stories, songs, relationships, and culture. He divides his book into seven chapters on themes such as stillness, gratitude, joy, and harmony, focusing on staying open to the experience of life. “Meditation is not an isolated act of consciousness,” he writes. “It’s connecting to the dream. It’s being still... so that the world touches me and I touch the world.” Wagamese reflects on topics such as the human connection to the earth (“We live because everything else does”), the value of stillness (“Silence is the stuff of life”), and the importance of mystery (“There are periods when you exist beyond the context of time and fact and reality”). This is a deeply personal yet accessible collection. Beautifully designed with full-color nature photographs throughout, it will appeal to readers interested in Ojibway culture, and also, more broadly, to those interested in meditation, spirituality, and the creative process.