Scratch & Sketch Bugs

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Scratch and Sketch your way through the world of bugs!

• From wolf spiders on the lawn to giant millipedes in the forests of East Africa, discover the secret lives of bugs!
• Find out why a grasshopper is like a catapult and which dragonfly has flown to the top of Mount Everest.
• Check out a termite mound as big as a house and see what leaf cutter ants do with all those leaves.
• Add your own Scratch and Sketch touches to each page!
• Scratch book contains 10 black-coated gold or silver glitter pages and 10 black-coated colorful swirl pages.
• This is a Trace-Along title! Young artists can simply follow the white lines with the wooden stylus to create colorful pictures.
• Includes 20 extra paper pages for your own drawings!
• Book comes with a wooden stylus for scratching away the black coating to reveal the shining glitter or brilliant colors beneath.
• Art activity book measures 6-3/8 inches wide by 8-1/2 inches high.