The Fairy Flurries by April Lavi

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This whimsical story follows a girl named Juniper, who is on the cusp of turning ten. Grandmother Dawn knows that Juni is ready to walk in the woods on her own. As Juniper ventures into one of the most preserved old-growth forests, she faces obstacles like never before and discovers a newfound connection to the magic of the Fairy Flurries. Throughout Juniper’s adventures, she learns about the importance of protecting old-growth forests. She also discovers the courage she has within.

Author April Lavine is an elementary school teacher who loves to tell stories and create music. She is a lover of nature and tries to spend as much time as she can hiking, canoeing, or camping. She loves to walk in the woods, especially when the sun shines on the glistening snow and she can see the Fairy Flurries glow. As a child, she loved listening to her father tell bedtime stories, and she hopes to give that same feeling to children who read this book. Even at 31 years of age, she loves reading children’s stories.

Illustrator Amelie Drewitz was born in Germany in 2004. When she was three years old her parents decided to move to Nelson, British Columbia. Amelie has been an artist ever since she can remember, and to this day, it is her greatest passion. Amelie went to the Nelson Waldorf school where she met April Lavine, who was her teacher at the time.