The Italian Vegetable Garden by Rosalind Creasy

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Rosalind Creasy, a guru of edible landscaping, does it again with The Italian Vegetable Garden - an invitation to grow and prepare some of the exceptional varieties of produce for which Italian cooking is so justly famous. This beautifully illustrated guide to growing Italian vegetables gives you tips for planting and preparing fantastic varieties of tomatoes, greens, beans, eggplants, artichokes, peppers, herbs and more!

Readers will find suggestions on how to grow Italian vegetables in most North American climates, and how to prepare these fresh veggies with more than 25 recipes for antipasti, soups, sauces and sides - from a delicious classic marinara to bread pudding with artichokes - and even preserves.

Mouthwatering photos throughout evoke the flavors of these delectable vegetables and dishes, and highlights Italian specialties, such as the greens that grow wild on Italy's hillsides. With a new preface by Creasy, as well as updated recommendations, this book continues to be a trusted resource.