The Soap Works - Bar Soap

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What We Stand For

From the simple act of caring for our customers skin, to respecting our community and environment, we try to make the lives of those around us nicer every day. Whether that happens through the thoughtful way we choose our soaps’ ingredients, our commitment to having a small environmental footprint or the fact that we emphasize the family in family-run business, we feel strongly that each part of our work is a chance to be good to the world.

Our Environmental Commitment

From the very beginning, being eco-friendly has been at the heart of The Soap Works. We’ve always been proud of the fact that when you purchase and use a bar of our soap, you never have to throw anything away, and our soap naturally degrades into the ecosystem. It may seem small, but when something matters to us and our customers, there’s no detail that isn’t worth refining.

Our Process

The process of making every Soap Works product starts with high-quality, all-natural ingredients that are selected to meet a specific skincare need. From there, we use mill processes, hot processes and cold processes to saponify the ingredients, carefully adjusting our methods to preserve the soaps’ benefits and make sure our customers’ skin is left cleansed, soothed and free from irritation.

Ingredients FAQs

Q: What is used to colour the soaps?

A:  All of our soaps use natural colourants, typically oxides and minerals, with the exception of our Carbolic Soap, which is a tradition salmon colour. To see what colourants are in each product, please look at the ingredient list on the product profile.

Q: Are The Soap Works products gluten-free?

A: Most of our products are gluten-free with the exception of our Goat Milk bar and Oatmeal Complexion bar. The only product that do not share equipment with either of these bars are our Pure Bulk Glycerine and Liquid Glycerine soap. All of our other products are casein free with the exception of our Goat Milk Soap.

Q: Are our products certified organic?

A: Our base oils to make the soaps are natural but are not certified organic. However, we do often use organic ingredients such as our emu oil, bee pollen, hemp oil, cucumber juice, and tea tree oil.

Laundry Care FAQs

Q: Is the Pure Laundry Powder HE machine friendly?

A: Our Pure Laundry Soap Powder is not intended for HE machines, though some customers have shared that if they pre-dissolve the powder in hot water, that it works. However, our Liquid Laundry Soap is designed specifically for high-efficiency machines. 

Q: Is the Safe Bleach colour-safe?

A: Yes. Colour safe means that there are no added chemicals that can cause colours to fade. Our Safe Bleach is made with natural ingredients and can be used on whites, colours and darks.

Q: Are the Soap Works laundry products safe to use on baby clothes?

A: Yes, our products are excellent for diapers and baby clothes. The Soap Works Laundry Soap Powder is fragrance and colour free, so there are no residual perfumes or colorants that can irritate skin or perfumes that can cause allergic reactions; perfect for your little one’s delicate skin. It also does not require anti-static treatments so it is economical, and line dry friendly.

We recommend using our Safe Bleach with cloth diapers as a whitener. The Safe Bleach is an oxygen-based bleach and works especially well on organic stains.

We also recommend a Stain Remover Laundry bar or even our Liquid Glycerine to parents of young children. These are effective as stain pre-treatments or to help remove those errant stains on parent’s clothing courtesy of the little ones.