Think Big

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A new laugh-out-loud tale about the trials and tribulations of an oldest sibling!

Jamaal may be the oldest kid in his family, but he somehow got stuck with the smallest room. His parents agree that it isn’t fair, but that is just how it is. But Jamaal isn’t satisfied by the answer – if his parents aren’t going to fix the house, he will use creativity and his own resourcefulness to engineer the perfect space!

What will mom and dad say about his home renovation?

This brand-new Robert Munsch story has all of the classic Munsch elements ― wit, whimsical illustrations, and ― at its heart ― an ordinary kid who does extraordinary things!

Robert Munsch wrote this story for Jamaal, a boy he met at the army base school at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, who was the oldest of his siblings and wanted his own big room too!